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On April 13, 1897 the Town Council established the Tunkhannock Borough Police Department. During those early years the nature of offenses and the application of police skills were much different than modern times. There has been one perpetual character of the Police Department that has survived changing times…Professionalism.

The current Department provides a full-range of law enforcement services to the Borough of Tunkhannock and to the residents of Washington Township. The relationship to the community is one of the key principles of its success and longevity. Effective policing is also supported by the interoperability shared with other criminal justice stakeholders.

Located at the County seat, the Department also maintains a responsibility to immediately augment the resources of the Courthouse and the County Jail. These responsibilities demand an Officer who maintains contemporary skills and proficiency with an array of resources. The Department meets its obligations with a staff of full and part-time Officers; a Corporal & Sergeant as first-line supervisors, with overall guidance by the Chief. The Mayor maintains an informed relationship with the Department

through personal interaction and leadership meetings.

Vision Statement

The Tunkhannock Police Department is a professional law enforcement organization which will always strive for excellence in public service and leadership. We recognize that our most valuable resource in the commitment to professionalism is our people. We strive to create a positive working atmosphere where creativity and participation abound. By enhancing professional skills and building partnerships, with all stakeholders, we will move forward. With a strong dedication to duty we embrace the virtues of honesty, integrity and courage for the greater good of those whom we provide service.

Mission Statement

We, the Tunkhannock Police Department, provide the full spectrum of law enforcement services in a non-discriminatory manner to all persons, affording them dignity and respect. Through diligent investigations, maintaining contemporary professional proficiencies, compassion for all human-kind and innovative practices we will fulfill our duty obligations. We promote public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional ethics.

Police officer with a trash can and man with rake chasing a beaver